Something like PM2 for rust?


Hi Everyone,

Just playing with some web services in rust and i would like to get my nice little helloworld rusty service out on my ec2 instance. I have some webservices in node and I start them with pm2 and it manages running and restarting them for me as a service. When I get my rust code out onto the server i can build and run it, but of course not like a service. I am a noob to anything on a server and linux(ubuntu) in general. Any advice would be appreciated!




You can use Upstart to do this quite easily. Every Ubuntu server has it installed, and its only purpose is to run and start up services.


Thanks I will go read about this!


Rusoto was announced recently and it’s supposed to be similar to boto. I haven’t used it but you might want to at least look it over.


That does look like what I need. I was hoping to find something that would make working on AWS a little easier in Rust. Thank you very much for posting this!