[Solved] When was `lto = true` stabilized?

Does anyone know what the first stable release was that supported this flag was:

# Cargo.toml
lto = true

I can’t seem to find a blog post mentioning it. I’d like to include it in a repo I am creating that documents how to minimize Rust binary size.

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I couldn’t remember it not being there, so I checked (TIL: rustup can still install 1.0.0 :slight_smile: ), and it is recognized (and makes a difference in the binary) there.


Oh wow, thanks! It didn’t realize it had been around since the beginning. :laughing:

lto = “thin” is the newer and probably unstable thing.

But yeah, lto is true is since forever. Been using it in my first rust project back at the 1.3 days :slight_smile: