Is anyone else having difficulty getting RLS to work with ALE in vim? It had sort of been working but seemed to stop linting randomly and more recenlty I can’t get it to work at all. Linting with ALE and cargo works but only on file save not on text change the way RLS had been.


I think I’ve experienced that on and off but haven’t nailed down what causes it. Usually exiting vim, opening it again, and running cargo run/cargo test fixes it for me.

The RLS stuff in ALE is in active development so I expect it to get better over time.


Yeah, linting and compiling errors only occurs on file save. I prefer this behavior, actually.


Oh, I found this to be an issue in vscode, so I set it up so that it’d autosave. Don’t know if this is unwelcome but it sure worked well for me.

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Are you using RLS or cargo for the linting?


At some point in the last few weeks I must have taken Ambien and run cargo install rls which created a path to a binary that ALE wasn’t looking for. Uninstalling with cargo has fixed my self-inflicted problem.

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