[SOLVED] Using a single instance of a struct between multiple other structs?


extern crate ws;

struct Test {
	a: u32

struct Daemon {
	socket: ws::Sender,
	test: Test

impl ws::Handler for Daemon {

	fn on_message(&mut self, msg: ws::Message) -> ws::Result<()> {
		self.test.a += 1;

fn main() {
	ws::listen("localhost:1234", |out| Daemon {
		socket: out,
		test: Test {a: 0}

This causes each client connected to the websocket server to have a different instance of Test. However, I'm needing every client to have the same instance. I seem to be unable to just pass it in.

Take a look at the "Shared State" section of the Book: Shared State - The Rust Programming Language

Let me know if you have any questions!

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