[Solved..] Trying to use a C++/C library (MCP2210) in Rust using bindgen & gcc


Trying to interface this C++/C library in Rust. Using bindgen to generate bindings from the header mcp2210.h went fine. The tricky part is including the implementation files in the compilation.
This is my build.rs: https://bpaste.net/show/d728826419a9
This is the result: https://bpaste.net/show/68fe1d4d2617
It seems like it’s possibly rooted in the fact that hid.c gets compiled as C++. So I tried to remove .cpp(true) on line 26. Now I get these errors: https://bpaste.net/show/a9687502c239 It has undefined references to udev functions, although I did add the -ludev flag. No udev substring is present in the cc command shown there. I suppose perhaps it doesn’t originate from gcc::Build at all then.
I get the same errors when I change line 23 of build.rs to println!("cargo:rustc-link-lib = [mcp2210, udev]");.


Already found the error (got help on IRC): I had assumed the = here println!("cargo:rustc-link-lib = [mcp2210, udev]"); worked similar to that in Cargo.toml… I have to print two lines, one for mcp2210 and one for udev.