[Solved] Target.'not(cfg(target_os = "android"))'.dependencies

openssl can be build from source when cross-compiling and the openssl library files for the target are not available on the build system.

[target.‘cfg(target_os = “android”)’.dependencies]
android_logger = “0.5”
openssl = { version = “=0.10.12”, optional = true, features=[“vendored”] }

Now for all other target OS I want to use the original dependency, but rustc complains about

error[E0463]: can't find crate for `openssl`
 --> src/utils/crypto/hash/openssl.rs:1:1
1 | extern crate openssl;
  | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ can't find crate

So, I guess, this line is not working as I think it should:

[target.‘not(cfg(target_os = “android”))’.dependencies]

openssl = { version = "=0.10.12", optional = true }

How do I say in Cargo.toml “if the target_os is android use the feature ‘vendored’ for the openssl crate”?


Found it myself in another crate.

[target.'cfg(not(target_os = "android"))'.dependencies]

openssl = { version = "=0.10.12", optional = true }

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