[SOLVED] Put trait bound Debug on generic type only during development

During development, I would like to restrict the usage of my module to those types of payloads which are Debug, so that I can peek into it using println.
As far as I can see, this requires me to add the Debug trait bound to all structs and impls.
Is there an easier way? Ideally, I would later like to remove the code that uses println and change one more line of code to lift the restriction to Debug types.
Thank you!

One common idiom seems to define

pub trait Payload : Debug { }
impl<T:Debug> Payload for T { }

and then to season all structs and impls with T:Payload. The Debug can be later removed in only these two places.
Works fine for me, but I’d be happy about any comment.

You could also make that payload conditional to easily toggle it, perhaps using #[cfg(debug_assertions)] or your own feature flag, and then make a no-op payload otherwise.

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You can use specialization to reach Debug impls, even if you don’t have the bound. I’m going to use this for debugging a lot.

Playground example here

That’s the brave new world of non-parametricity.