[Solved]Old project pulling in openssl 0.9.24

I have been asked to revisit an old project. It no longer compiles due to an issue with openssl.

Compiling openssl v0.9.24
error: failed to run custom build command for openssl v0.9.24

My project has the following dependencies:

reqwest = "0.8.5"
regex = "0.2.1"
serde-xml-rs = "0.2.1"
serde = "1.0.37"
serde_derive = "1.0.37"
rayon = "1.0.1"

How do I find which of these dependencies is pulling in the openssl package?
My system openssl version is 1.1.1.a-1 on Manjaro Linux. Would temporarily downgrading openssl on my system resolve this issue?

rustc 1.29.2
cargo 1.29.0

Resolved. Just had to updatereqwest to latest version.

You can see all your dependencies, and where they came from, using cargo tree:

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Upgrade reqwest to 0.9.

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