[SOLVED] Need help to understand error message related to async move closure

Hi there, Im trying to write scraping async library for rust, learning on the go and just now got blocked by an error that I don't understand. Here is my public api:

    let mut crabweb = CrabWeb::new();

    crabweb.on_html("td.title > a.storylink", |request: &mut Request, a: &Element| async move {
        println!("found a link");
        if let Some(href) = a.attr("href") {
            println!("Found link {} on {}", href, request.url);



    let worker = crabweb.new_worker();
    let handle = tokio::spawn(async move { worker.start().await; });

Here is my crawler struct definition:

pub struct CrabWeb<Fut, F>
    where Fut: Future<Output=Result<()>>,
          F: Fn(&mut Request, &Element) -> Fut {

    on_html_callbacks: HashMap<&'static str, F>,
    navigate_ch: Channels<String>, // async_std channels

    // ... some other crap

I get following error that makes almost no sense to me:

error: borrowed data cannot be stored outside of its closure
  --> src/main.rs:40:95
38 |       let mut crabweb = CrabWeb::new();
   |           ----------- borrowed data cannot be stored into here...
39 |
40 |       crabweb.on_html("td.title > a.storylink", |request: &mut Request, a: &Element| async move {
   |  _______________________________________________------------------------------------____________^
   | |                                               |
   | |                                               ...because it cannot outlive this closure
41 | |         println!("found a link");
42 | |         if let Some(href) = a.attr("href") {
43 | |             let href = href.clone();
...  |
48 | |         Ok(())
49 | |     }).await;
   | |_____^ cannot be stored outside of its closure

error: aborting due to previous error

I do not capture anything from outside of this closure, request does share channels with CrabWeb struct, I'm a bit puzzled on how to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance!

I solved this problem by copying Request and Element (arguments to closure). This way I dont have borrow mess and this seems to be working.

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