[SOLVED] Destructure a struct mutably

Consider this structure with 2 fields on the heap that are needed to be updated in unison:

struct Both {
   one: One,
   two: Two,

impl Both {
    fn update(&mut self, value: &Value) {
        let mut one_attr = self.one.attr_borrow_mut(value);
        let mut two_attr = self.two.attr_borrow_mut(value);
        // ... mangled update of both one_attr and two_attr.

In this code the compiler will complain that self is borrowed mutably more than once.

But is it possible to destructure Both into a &mut to both one and two? Assuming both One and Two are heap allocated, or otherwise have a fixed length, shouldn't that be safe?

Edit: playground example that sadly fails to show the proper error, since it is is missing a crate.

You should give an example on the playground. This works, is that what you had in mind? Doesn't have anything to do with heap vs. stack though.

Playground does not have crates that I require, and I am not sure if my question will make seance without them, but I will try...

No need to make it more complicated than what you gave, but as you see, I did not fully understand what you wanted.

That said, this also works, so you'd have to explain why it's not sufficient (maybe it's your attr_borrow_mut that I don't know that doesn't fit?).

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Thanks, this helped guiding me the a simpler solution that works.