[SOLVED] Configuring racer

I want to configure racer after installing it.
I tested, if I configured it right with

racer complete std::io::B

but I get following error:

bash-4.3$ racer complete std::io::B
RUST_SRC_PATH environment variable must be set to point to the src directory of a rust checkout. E.g. "/home/foouser/src/rust/src"

What is wrong with my configuration?

bash-4.3$ ls $RUST_SRC_PATH bootstrap liballoc_jemalloc libfmt_macros librustc_bitflags librustc_metadata librustc_typeck llvm build_helper liballoc_system libgetopts librustc_borrowck librustc_mir librustc_unicode rt compiler-rt libarena libgraphviz librustc_const_eval librustc_passes librustdoc rtstartup compiletest libbacktrace liblibc librustc_const_math librustc_platform_intrinsics libserialize rustc doc libcollections liblog librustc_data_structures librustc_plugin libstd rust-installer driver libcollectionstest librand librustc_driver librustc_privacy libsyntax rustllvm etc libcore librbml librustc_incremental librustc_resolve libsyntax_ext snapshots.txt jemalloc libcoretest librustc librustc_lint librustc_save_analysis libterm test liballoc libflate librustc_back librustc_llvm librustc_trans libtest tools

Thanks in advance!

Did you export RUST_SRC_PATH?

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Ok, I see. I had to write export keyword before RUST_SRC_PATH in my ~/.profile.

Thanks! :slight_smile: