[solved] Auto conversion between types

I came across this type conversion in chrono.
Specifically, DateTime::from_utc(datetime: NaiveDateTime, ...).

let from: DateTime<Utc> = DateTime::from_utc(NaiveDate::from_ymd(2020, 1, 1), Utc);
let date: DateTime<Utc> = DateTime::from_utc(NaiveDateTime::from_timestamp( 8_210_298_412_799, 1_000_000_000), Utc);

It accepts NaiveDateTime (as expected) but also accepts NaiveDate. I don't see any inheritance-like relation. What is actually going on?

Edit: Nothing wrong here. Silly of me to post such a shitty question. I was head banging (without even compiling) as the intellij-rust was not giving me error hints. So, I thought the statements were correct. Sorry. And, I cannot delete this question.

If you encounter something like this again (and it works) you might want to check out Convenient and idiomatic conversions in Rust, which explains how something like this could work.