[solved] Aster/quasi build problems with serde-json


Using rust nightly (1.14.0-nightly (cae6ab1c4 2016-11-05)) I’m seeing build problems with serde/serde_json (0.8). Things like:

error[E0063]: missing field `attrs` in initializer of `syntax::ast::TyParam`
   --> /storage/home/achin/.cargo/registry/src/github.com-1ecc6299db9ec823/aster-0.27.0/src/ty_param.rs:103:30
103 |         self.callback.invoke(ast::TyParam {
    |                              ^^^^^^^^^^^^ missing `attrs`

I understand that there is occasional breakage in nightly, as aster and quasi and others have to react to changes to rust internals. But this error has been around for a while (many days, at least), and I don’t see any issues reported on the serde-json repository. So this makes me think that something might be wrong on my end. I’ve already run cargo update, which didn’t help. I’m not sure what to do next.



Are you using serde_macros? You should be using serde_derive which is the new Macros 1.1 implementation and is broken much less frequently. See this forum topic for the announcement and this page for how to get it set up.


ahh, yes! i was indeed using the old serde_macros. Thanks!