[SOLVED]A parseinterror for what seems to be a proper number? [Not really, just a brainfart]

I am writing a parser for a toy assembly language (SIC/XE), and am using LALRPOP for that purpose. But, I've encountered a rather inexplicable error. Here is a rule in LALRPOP to match hex literals like this- x'23'

pub NumLit: i32 = <matched:r"x'([-+]?\d[0-9a-fA-F]*)'"> => {
    println!("{}", matched);
    let mut a = matched[2..].to_owned();
    println!("{}", a);
    a.retain(|c| c != '\'');
    println!("{}", a);
    println!("{:#?}", a.into_bytes());
    let dfd = i32::from_str_radix(matched, 16);
    println!("{:#?}", dfd);

This is a rule defined in LALRPOP's own notation, as you may have noticed. Basically, it runs a regex on the input to tokenise it, and that regex is defined at that part with matched: in it. LALRPOP just copies whatever code is in the brackets to the output parser module.

so, if we want to parse x'23', we would invoke this rule, and it would first print x'23', then 23', and finally 23, after which it parses the string as a hex number, or it is supposed to. Somehow, using this rule to parse x'23' causes it to get an invalid digit error.

here's the output when this rule is invoked in a test-

    ParseIntError {
        kind: InvqalidDigit
thread 'tst' panicked at 'called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: ParseIntError { kind: InvalidDigit }', libcore/result.rs:1009:5

As you can see ,the string only has two proper ascii digits which should parse properly...

You're passing matched into from_str_radix, not a.


oh dang it! such fail.

I once spent half an hour (with another person) trying to diagnose why no sound was coming out of a PC's speakers.

They weren't plugged in.


thank you for your help!