Solkit 1.0.0 - solitaire collection for terminal

The application got a big update: a few new rules for solitaires had been implemented and the number of solitaires out of the box increased from 7 to 26 solitaires out of the box. Other changes:

  • Added detailed info about the selected pile (sort orders, the number of cards in the pile etc, so you do not have to learn how to play by experimenting)
  • Added time tracking: now the application knows how much time you spent on each solitaire and displays it in the solitaire selection dialog
  • New CLI option --four-color to use 4 distinct colors for suits instead two colors (though, maybe the color selection may be better - any idea is welcome)
  • Fixed a few bugs

Here solkit look with --four-color option passed:


Thank you!

Edit: sorry, I forgot to include the link to the sources :slight_smile: Here it is GitHub - VladimirMarkelov/solkit: A bunch of solitaires and solitaire construction kit for terminal


That's really nice :slight_smile:

Thank you! I took the best from UI examples I founds on the internet :wink:

Just found a bug in one solitaire rules. Updated the application to 1.0.1

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