Soft question: publish a crate as world-readable, few-writeable

I have some crates I am considering open sourcing.

I do not want to deal with PRs, Issues, ... whatever else from non-pre-approved sources. See: How one guy ruined Hacktoberfest (2020) | Hacker News

Is there any git-like service where:

  1. everything is published + world readable

  2. non pre-approved people can NOT interact (besides cloning)? no filing issues, no PRs, no commenting, etc ...


You can turn off issues and PRs for your repository.


I don't want to turn off PRs / Issues entirely. I want it to be world readable and only-pre-approved-group writeable.

I don't think you can do that on GitHub. But you could have two repositories where the public mirrors the branches on the private, and disable issues/PRs on the public repository.


You could always set up a development mailing list instead.

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GitHub has interaction limits, but they are temporary (6 months at a time max it seems).

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