Soft question: high performance MUD server in Rust?

Suppose you had a machine with 64 cores + 256 GB of RAM, and you are architecting a MUD server from scratch in Rust, and want to check point data every 5 minutes.

Do you think it would be possible to build something that scales to 1M concurrent users ? (You can assume there are no NPCs).


There are links online (going back to 2019) on how to handle 1M concurrent websockets in GoLang / Elixir, so I'm confident Rust can do that as well.

The part I'm not sure about is the "simulation" -- however, of all game types, MUDs tends to be "least resource intensive".

I'm wondering if anyone has done anything similar to this, and can share estimates on whether this is possible or crazy (in which case please state the bottleneck that makes this idea not possible.)


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