Socketioxide 0.10.0 , new year, new features!

Hi Rustaceans!

Excited to announce the release of 0.10.0! Those who are wondering, it's the Socket IO server written in Rust.

I am listing major changes that had been done since 0.9.0.

  1. A method to get Socket reference from it's id
  2. Viz-rs web server support
  3. Add a room based chat example with React and Socketioxide, here
  4. Better ergonomy for Ack responses
  5. Add a Salvo web server example with cors support

Lastly, thank you Rustaceans! Last 4-5 months was a dream for us. We went from 60 stars to 760, went trending on GitHub and got featured in a YouTube video by DreamsOfCode! :star_struck:

Leave a star :stars: on GitHub if you like what we are doing! It helps us a lot to fuel the dev work :slightly_smiling_face:

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All credits to main developer @Totodore

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