Social Network and Rust

I already program social networks with Rails and the benchmarks convinced me to switch to Rust.
Anyone has experience with basic social networking features such as:

  1. Authentification
  2. Profile
  3. Activity feeds
  4. Messaging


I've been building a social link sharing site over here. It works about the same with Rust as it would work with anything else, really.

Interesting I will take a look.

If you are doing it in Rails, Rust will feel very bare-bones and you will have to do a lot of heavy lifting/bolierplate yourself. While there are teams using Rust as a backend for web-app, a CRUD app like social network will still be easy to maintain with a mature framework and eco-system of Rails as against Rust.

Benchmarks convinced me

If you could share more details on the specific bottlenecks in your current system, FMs may be able to help you better. Often, in such apps, the database is more likely to be the culprit and if that is the case, using Rust will not exactly solve the problem at hand.

Thanks for your suggestion. When I ment Benchmarks I ment ruby vs rust. I agree that maintenance is a big issue. My rails app where on rails 4 and I was using MySQL without tracking bottlenecks. I found my web apps where sluggish. I'll stick with rails 6 and do some more database bottleneck benchmarking. After all rust forum is also made with rails!