Small wrapper library around ELPA

Hi, I am working in the field of computational physics and want to explore Rust as a primary language for building computational codes.

I have sketched a thin wrapper library around existing Fortran project (ELPA) which targets large-scale eigenvalue problems.

This wrapper gets the job done, however I am interested in a code review since there might be a chance that I may continue to develop this library into something that would be usable by more than one human being.

I would be grateful for advices and comments that may help develop good programming templates and to get rid of bad ones.

Ensure that your code is easy to read and maintain. This includes using meaningful variable names, consistent formatting, and including comments that explain complex logic. Aim for comprehensive test coverage to catch bugs early and ensure that changes don’t break existing functionality. Official Site Follow established Rust conventions and best practices, such as those outlined in ‘The Rust Programming Language’ book and Rust’s official documentation.