Small prolog interpreter in Rust?

According to cloc, chalk is at > 33k loc and scryer is at > 27k loc. is redirecting to scryer.

Is there a small "readable over a weekend" impl of a Prolog-like in Rust ?

fall might fit the bill.

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It is not exactly Prolog-like, but I have written a miniKanren with CLP(Tree) and CLP(FD) in around 7000loc (includes a lot of unit tests, much less without). There is no WAM in miniKanren, so it might not be what you are looking for.

It is reasonably close to William E. Byrd's dissertation and cKanren paper that you can understand the source more easily by reading them while you read the source. I think it is "readable over a weekend". However, I'm afraid it is not fully documented.

Differences between Prolog and miniKanren:

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