Skip language thoughts

What are your thoughts on the language skip? Is it supposed to be like Rust with safety features, is it also a compiled language?

The entire point of rust is to be safe. The biggest selling point of skip according to its webpage is that it caches variables that have been computed for future use according to a static analysis of the program. To be completely honest, looking through the introductory docs, it feels like a 80%/20% between java and rust. It's got the pattern matching and the mutability, and the traits etc. But its got a GC and a class inheritance system, which isn't really rust. It looks like it could've taken off, but unfortunately it was cancelled from development. Also, even if its prime selling point was smart caching, that seems like a bit of a stretch considering its a garbage collected language (Which I have nothing against, it's just that that doesn't seem like a benefit). I personally don't find it too interesting.


I looked into it and find it quite intriguing. I believe it's influenced more from functional programming languages like OCaml than from Rust. The rules about mutability are similar to Rust, but less strict. Still, the authors claim that parallelism is safe because Skip "keeps track of side effects". However, I didn't find any infos about how that works.

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