Sized-specific implementation?

Is that possible to have several implementations of a trait, one for T:Sized another one for T:Unsized?


Seems it is not possible without specialization.

Not that I know of. Both specialization and negative trait bounds are currently unstable. Specialization is unsound, min_specialization may be sound and I believe negative trait bounds are unsound too. You can have one implementation for T:Sized and one for each individual unsized type though. So impl<T> Trait1<T> for T {} and then impl<T> Trait1<[T]> for [T] {}, impl Trait1<dyn SomeTrait> for dyn SomeTrait {}, impl Trait1<dyn SomeOtherTrait> for dyn SomeOtherTrait {}, ...


Sounds reasonable. Thanks!

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