Single threaded multitasking vs Multihreaded multitasking (Tokio)

Hey everyone.
I am sturggling with tokio in these days and trying to understand better.

Multitasking on single thread really effective especially for io operations. But what about Multihreaded multitasking , this approach almost like preemptive multitasking ?

1- Would be good if i could see real life examples, Where to use single threaded multitasking and multihreaded multitasking.
2- Which one is often used ?

Edit extra question: What is the benefit of using Multihreaded multitasking with tokio rather than Default Multihreading (std::thread), after all for tokio will be switching between threads regardless .await (Multithreaded multitasking with tokio).

This might help: Making the Tokio scheduler 10x faster | Tokio - An asynchronous Rust runtime.


Thanks,thats helped, it would be good to see where are they used/use cases in real life.

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