Single member workspace different binary?

I've got an odd case where if I use a single member workspace "wrapper" I get a different (and working) binary as a result compared to using the project directly. The workspace is defined simply as:


members = ["pinetime-quickstart"]

No dependency overrides.

The project uses git = ... dependencies pinned to specific revisions. Somehow the resulting binaries differ and only the one in the workspace works fine. I suspect there's some sort of versioning/git issue with cargo since nothing else makes sense.

The dependencies on the top level project are:

git = ""
rev = "e56c4e5"

git = ""
rev = "4da5554"

And the dependency for embedded-graphics on the ST7789 in given revision is:

optional = true
git = ""
rev = "4da5554"

Any idea how come a workspace-less build produces a different binary? The version from workspace is almost 2x bigger (both unstripped)

Figured it out, but it's a bug in rust it seems.


codegen-units = 1 # better optimizations
debug = true # symbols are nice and they don't increase the size on Flash
lto = true # better optimizations

Causes it to stop working...

It works in a workspace because these only apply outside of workspace or if defined in the workspace toml.

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