Simple note taking tool in RUST - first project

I'm fairly new to RUST so I'm looking for some constructive feedback on this toy project. It is fairly small, I just wanted something easy to start with.


Seems fine to me. I can't give you constructive feedback without knowing what you are struggling with or what the goals are for this project. It looks like a hobby project and it is not a library intended for re-use. The implementation is fairly concise and I do not see a lot of duplicated code. If you want to be able to maintain this long term, all I am really missing is a good test suite.

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I was reading your code and I think you could some things a bit better, but it looks great!

For example, I see that your is too long, you could consider to split it in different modules. And just for say something more: In at line 159, you can use just "if nl" instead of "if nl == true"

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