Simple_line, a fast&secure alternative to std::io::BufReader::

I'm about to release my first version of simple_line, a crate to iterate over lines of a std::io::Read. But wait: This is what std::io::BufReader does which is part of the standard library. I've also written about why I did so.

I'd very much appreciate if anyone could find some time to review the article and give me feedback about it and the library before I release it as my first article on and first library to Best thanks in advance

A lending iterator is in fact the motivating example of RFC 1598 (GATs).

Don't get confused by the name in the example; the proposed async Streams are something else. However, there is a discussion in that RFC about how lending and non-lending Streams may interact, and some coherence issues around it. The same considerations apply to lending and non-lending Iterators. (TLDR: you can blanket impl the lending version for the non-lending version, but not without coherence hurdles.)

Sorry for my delay. I complemented my post with your notes and referred to you in my final version on Writing a better Line Iterator in Rust - DEV Community. Thank you very much for your participation!

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