Simple, hackable http proxy?

I have a need for an http-proxy-like thing. I'd like to base it on an existing implementation, that I would just modify a little bit.

Looking for an existing project/example:

  • modern Rust features (async)
  • slim depedencies
  • good performance
  • simple structure, so it's easy to start hacking

Any recommendation are much appreciated.

From a search on, I have stumbled upon ::hyper-proxy:

modern Rust features ( async )

  • Not really async/await, but the API features asynchronous programming through ::tokio (version 0.1)'s Futures.

slim dependencies

good performance

  • Based on ::hyper, so it should be.

simple structure, so it's easy to start hacking

  • this is quite subjective, but it offers a ::hyper-level of API, so it remains a bit low level.

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