SIMD/NEON in Stable Rust?

I'm working on a project and I would like to work with NEON/ARM SIMD intrinsics in stable rust project. Most of the SIMD libraries in Rust are currently nightly only or don't support NEON. Is my best shot writing a C library and calling that from Rust?

Why not use the simd crate? It has an arm/neon entry. Whoops!

That crate only works in old nightly builds of rustc.


Yes, you would have to use something else to compile ARM NEON code. It could be C with intrinsics, it could be an assembly file compiled with nasm or gas.

I'd like to "reuse" this thread to ask about the state of SIMD/NEON in general.
I found several github issues related to this:

I'm confused about how to approach the issue. Should I use nightly rust only? Any 3rd party crate? Should I wait for them to be merged to stable? How can I know the list of supported intrinsics ?

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