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Hi everyone,

I’m the founder of Render, a new fully-managed cloud provider, and we just launched native support for hosting Rust apps.

Rust on Render is effectively serverless: we build and deploy your code automatically on every push to your GitHub repo. As long as you have a Cargo.toml in your repo, you don’t have to worry about spinning up and configuring VMs, installing Rust, applying security patches, load balancing, SSL certificates, custom domains and every other chore that accompanies deploying an app elsewhere.

Here’s one of our users on why Render worked best for them to host Rust APIs. They tried Heroku, Digital Ocean, AWS and a few other hosts.

We’ve also created quickstarts for Rust on Render:

Our goal is for Render to be the best cloud host for Rust, and we’d love feedback from all of you on improving our platform. :pray:


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