Show resolved type when hovering over underscore

This is a feature request for Rust-Analyzer. It would be great if when you have something like a function call foo::<_, Bar> and you hover over the _, RA would show a popup filling in the type based what it resolves to in the given context. Currently, hovering over foo shows its definition, hovering over Bar shows its definition, hovering over ::< shows the resolved types of the whole function signature, and hovering over _ shows the same. I was expecting hovering over _ to just show me its resolved type, but it shows the whole resolved type of the function, so it takes a bit longer to search through that visually and match up the type parameters to find what I'm looking for.

Feature requests should go in the appropriate github repository.

The README on rust-analyzer said to post "usage and troubleshooting requests" here. Is there a different repo for feature requests?

I guess I see other feature requests in the rust-analyzer repo, I'll post it there.

Feature requests are not the same as usage and troubleshooting requests.

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