Should there be a Rust Evalgelism Strike Force Field Guide?

One of the issues with "have you considered rewriting this in Rust?" is that it's often an unsolicited remark by a drive by contributor. That's about as welcome as a telemarketer calling at dinner time.

Wouldsible to start up a (mostly for fun) guide for people spreading Rust?

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I'm not very fond of the whole RESF meme. I like that the Rust community has coopted it as a self deprecating joke, however labeling actual good faith rust evangelism with that meme will probably be counterproductive.

Ashley Williams - How I Convinced the World's Largest Package Manager to Use Rust, and So Can You! - YouTube is actually a pretty good guide of how to pitch rust at your company.


I agree with Manish here, don't take the joke too far.

That being said, I think a serious guide would be a great thing to have. I have a scribble here for ages, but at my pace of writing, I'd be happy if someone assisted.