Should I use serde/ron or gluesql for performance?

In regards to reading and writing speeds, which one is faster, using serde/ron or gluesql?

These two library serve very different purposes, to the point I don't think it's direct comparable. You need to specify your use case more. But generally speaking, it varies, it depends on your use case, just profile yourself to get the most accurate result.

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I know they can be both used as dbs (databases) and yes I know they are for different use cases. I am not as curious to know the ease of use but rather for performance for read and write speeds if you happen to know?

serde and ron don't offer any database functionality, like querying, data storage, recovery. Use a real database if you need that. If you want performance, choosing a text-based format is unlikely to yield the best one. Consider binary non-self describing formats such as bincode and postcard, or use a different framework like rkyv.


Does serde support bincode and postcard?

It might be helpful to take a step back and state the you are trying to solve.

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