Should I add a back-end dependency along with wasm-bindgen for handling different web request?

Think that this question is not in Reference in Rust and WebAssembly, because it's not about wasm, but newbies like me are curious about it if we want write a good enough web application. Especially, we (assuming not only me) using wasm for reduce resource usage, so we'd want a lightweight back-end dependency if must use, and if this book tell where to go, that can save much time on searching and choosing. Also, I'd like write more code on rust, but if a programming language is better on this task, I'd like to hear.
For example, assuming I want extend wasm-game-of-life to have ability on handle query string such as when handling https://localhost/index.html?pattern=Beehive I can send a never be changed wasm file about Conway's game(for reduce network transfer) and a config file that explain this pattern.
Embed pattern to wasm or send whole config file is unacceptable if these patterns list too many. More even, if I need combine these pattern, prepare individual config is not a suit solution. Also it's really a small task so I'd want not add a big back-end.(Also this will take my time on learning a new library, but I even didn't complete the original task, I'm afraid I will give up on half progress)
But our rust code all are going to be wasm file, not work on npm workspace, so I'd wondering is there a simple way to handle these request by a more "rust" way?
Thank you for reading!

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