Should be post-quantum now, but currently requires privoxy

GitHub - oilel/pqt: Post-quantum TCP proxy that uses Kyber1024 and triple AES , this currently requires 3rd-party proxy privoxy. Pqt 0.3.1 is probably stable (I think). How does it work? You should share the server's Kyber public key to client through SSH or TLS currently, since SSH and TLS are enough to ensure file integrity but are NOT private for quantum computers, they can ensure file integrity when transferring Kyber public key. The client will generate another Kyber keypair, protocol details can be found by exploring the source code, so detailed information isn't explained here. The server finally decrypt the traffic (decrypted by triple AES) then send to privoxy . I have to use privoxy currently, since this project is very young and isn't able to deal with browsers. And you should have your own VPS to run server side, since this project doesn't provide any hardware, sorry to say that.

I fail to see how this relates to Rust, or to this forum, or something else relevant here. Since it’s not obvious, you should point out why what you are posting is relevant to this forum, otherwise it just looks off-topic or perhaps even spam.

Others also mentioned their software, e.g., First release of color-brewery Why are their posts still visible?

The Rust code is included in the .tar.xz file.

Ah, got it! I didn’t go as far as downloading and extracting archives to figure out whether this was a Rust project. Typically, code on GitHub is shared by having the source code and file structure visible in the repo directly, not hidden in an archive :wink:

So the way you posted your project made it really hard to see that it’s an open-source Rust project!

It also helps to have a README that GitHub recognizes and displays, so the page you link to would contain a somewhat more elaborate description of what the project is actually about.

I cannot remove the flags myself, but I’ll re-list the topic.


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