Sharing code (and macros) in tests directory

After playing around with adding a test trait implementation in one file tests/, and then using that implementation from within either tests/ or another file in tests, it appears that this does not work the way I’d expect. The tests use a macro defined in src. If everything is in one file and I do the following #[macro_use] extern crate fsm; the macros are loaded and work correctly.

But if I put the code that uses the macros into the tests/ and #[macro_use] extern crate fsm; in tests/ the macros are not found in If I add the same #[macro_use] extern crate fsm; to the macros are found, but I can’t do this if I properly include the module in with mod test_impl; as the extern can’t be used in a module that isn’t the root of the crate.

Using cargo test --verbose it appears that each file is turned into it’s own binary, and that sharing code in the tests directory is not supported. I believe there are only two options here:

  1. Put shared test code in /src
  2. Add shared code with a non .rs extension and use the include! macro.

Has anyone had this problem before and are there any suggestions about the proper way to handle this? It seems like what should be a very common integration test use case using mock implementations, although I haven’t seen it done in any crates I explored on


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Are you using #[macro_use] mod test_impl; in tests/ Note that, yes, each .rs file in tests gets compiled as a new test (so you don’t have a tests library, if that’s what you think tests/ is doing).

What I do with this is put the shared code in a utils module and import it using #[path="utils/"] mod utils;.

So to be clear, you add that line to any test file tests/*.rs, which imports tests/utils/ as the module utils. Add a #[macro_use] if it contains macros you want to access.

What I do with this is put the shared code in a utils module and import it using #[path=“utils/”] mod utils;.

I do the same, but the #[path="..."] is unnecessary since utils/ is one of the paths Rust checks by default.

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You’re right. I vaguely recall there was a reason I did it that way… but I don’t remember what it was. Might not have been the same path.

This is annoying me; if only I could remember which project I used that with…

T’hank you so much @DanielKeep and @mbrubeck! It works like a charm. Rust community ftw again.

I know that this is quite an old thread, but this does not seem to work for me. I have integration tests in a test directory, and i am trying to define a test macro in tests/common/

In one of my tests, I do this

#[macro_use] mod common;

but I get an error

= help: name the file either test_foo/ or test_foo/common/ inside the directory “tests”

Is this no longer the right way of doing this?

Huh. Never mind. Looks like I was trying to follow another thread about testing frameworks and had a test/ file that was causing trouble. When i removed that file, this approach worked.