I want to use the 'shake128/256' hash algorithm but I have a problem to use that
in other SHA algorithms in Rust first, create a new() variable and then use that to set input.
but in shake128 new() is not exist.
I don'n know to how to use shake128/256
please help me .thanks
this my code:

use sha3::{Digest, Shake128};
fn main() {
    let input = b"hello world";
    let mut hasher = Shake128::new();
    let hashed = hasher.result();

It implements Default trait, so you can use it to create default value for the type.

    let mut hasher = sha3::Shake128::default();
    // or:
    let mut hasher2: sha3::Shake128 = Default::default();
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Thank you :pray:

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