Setting up VSC for Rust

OK, I'm totally new to Rust. I'm evaluating Rust for a coming project, and I've run simple test programs.
I'm stuck on the simplest question ever. I use VSC. I'm adding source files to the src folder, but they won't get included in my build. If calls a function in, I'll the following get build error:

 --> src\
3 |     function( 1 );
  |     ^^^^^^^^ not found in this scope

Believe it or not, but the trick to adding source files to a project is nowhere described!

It is described here
I recommend to read the whole book.


Every module must be declared before it can be used.
It can be inline in

mod function {

    fn function() {

or as a file src/ and then in

mod function;

or a whole folder. Read the link to see how to do that.

The function can then be called anywhere in the project by using it's path. In this case either



use crate::function;


Btw, the title of you post seems a bit misleading. What does adding source files to the project have to do with adding source files to the version control system?


Sorry I misread😂 I guess VSC is visual studio code?

Maybe not: the title did say "VCS"; I changed it to "VSC" to match the post body because this did seem to be about an IDE (I too guess VSC is Visual Studio Code) and not a version control system.

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if you want to just include another rust code file, like you would in C, you can use the include! macro.

fn foo() {

include!(""); // this literally inserts the contents of at this point

fn main() {

but you can use a mod declaration, which is better.

//, same as before
fn foo() {

mod foo; // we declare the module foo, only, and files can declare modules

fn main() {
  foo::foo() // we need to use `foo::` here, because the contents of are scoped under the module

But what you should be doing is using cargo (which it looks like you aren't).
it manages dependencies, versioning, publishing and a bunch of other stuff.

@SebastianJL: Thank you. I've followed your advice and read the book, and this problem is solved.

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@SebastianJL: VSC means Visual Studio Code, indeed. The title is misleading because VSC has nothing to do with this, only the code. But I didn't know that when I posted the question.

@jvcmarcenes: Thank you. I've used mod, and it works perfectly. I do use cargo, but cargo didn't help me solve this problem.

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