Setting up rustc/cargo on an ARMv7 server

I just spent a little bit of time setting up a build server on Scaleway, a European cloud host which offers "bare metal" quad-core, 1.3GHz ARMv7 servers. I won't get in to the cost effectiveness of their service but it got me what I wanted: easy access to a different architecture.

Here are my notes for getting nightly rustc/cargo installed: . The cross compiled builds come from .

Hopefully this information is useful to someone who wants to take ARM for a spin from the comfort of their SSH terminal. Please let me know how it goes for you and what you learn.

My main take aways: Scaleway has 5x worse IO perf than my new laptop. Also, my libc calls need some mechanism to handle the architecture sizes.


This information is outdated.

The current builds can be found here:

BTW, what happened to my previous reply in this thread?

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I never saw that reply. I thought this thread was just ignored!

Thanks for the updated information. Scaleway has recently cut their prices by 70% so it's even easier to get a ARM environment setup for playing around. The servers are slow, however.