Servo/skia graphic library

If anybody not know skia is

Skia is an open source 2D graphics library which provides common APIs that work across a variety of hardware and software platforms. It serves as the graphics engine for Google Chrome and Chrome OS, Android, Mozilla Firefox and Firefox OS, and many other products.

There are three crates related to skia,
but none of them contains binding for Rust, they only allow link skia to rust,
but not use skia API for drawing.

To use skia from my rust code I forked servo/skia, merge C API from google skia,
and use skia C API from rust,

but I wonder how guys from Mozilla/servo uses skia?
May be my work to merge C API unnecessary?
May be they use C++ directly with help of bindgen? Is bindgen support of C++ stable enough?

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Servo uses skia indirectly via