Servo Meeting 2015-03-16


Why should Reddit have all the fun? Meeting includes:

  • Android nightly
  • Q2 deliverables
  • Performance & testing
  • Usability & compatibility
  • Layout
  • NCSU project for Servo

Servo Meeting 2015-03-16

What really interests me is this part by pcwalton in Servo mailing group:

Anyway, I wanted to speak about this from the email group:
Sure, I agree that if you're doing custom layout languages (Cassowary,
etc.) Houdini is a win—the comment was more directed toward use of Houdini
to reimplement layouts that can already be described with CSS. For those
use cases, without seeing any numbers, I'm unconvinced of the performance

What is Houdini? Is this comment about implementing Cassowary solver in Servo, or just making JS Cassowary solvers fast?


What is Houdini?

Go read CSS Houdini Wiki.


I wrote about it on the Servo mailing list:


Oh thanks , that clears thing up, searching google for Houdini and Javascript gave several ways to unescape strings.


I’m not surprised. CSS Houdini is a fairly recent thing, it’s just getting started.