Serialize+log all function parameters in case of error


I have a function that processes lots of live data. Sometimes it gives an error I don't yet understand. Due to the volume of data, it would be impractical to just log all the inputs and search for the problem later. The function returns a Result and all parameters implement Serialize. Is there some crate that provides a proc_macro like this:

fn my_function(a : f32, b : Vec<u8>) {
  // mysterious behavior going on in here

which would serialize all inputs that produce an Err to some file that could look like this:

  "a": NaN,
  "b": [2, 4, 6, 8]

I don't really have a good idea what to google for; does something like this already exist or will this be my project to finally learn macros?

tracing/tracing at master · tokio-rs/tracing · GitHub, which is also used in rustc Using the tracing/logging instrumentation - Guide to Rustc Development

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I guess the #[instrument] attribute macro from tracing qualifies as somewhat equivalent to the OPs description. But the resulting log message is probably too verbose? Maybe I just don't know how to properly configure tracing. Here is how I'd use tracing for this:

tracing = "*"
tracing-subscriber = { version = "*", features = ["json"] }
use tracing::instrument;

use tracing_subscriber;

fn my_function(a : f32) -> Result<f32, &'static str> {
  (a > 0.).then_some(a).ok_or("error") 

fn main() {

Log output:



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