Serde-llsd - request review

This is a Serde library for Linden Lab Serial Data, used by various "metaverse" systems. I plan to make this a crate and submit it to What needs to be fixed first? Thanks.

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Just looking at the public API/generated docs:

  • you have an error module, but it's empty, and all the functions return anyhow::Error
  • I don't understand the purpose of the various PREFIX and SENTINEL constants—do they need to be public at all?

Edit: more comments on reading the source code

  • You can avoid an unnecessary allocation in ser::xml::to_string by replacing the last line with Ok(String::from_utf8(s)?)
  • In ser::xml::generate_value it seems like you're ignoring all write errors, even though the only calling function (to_writer) can return an error—you should probably propagate write errors instead, as you do in ser::binary::generate_value
  • In de::binary the expression std::str::from_utf8(&read_variable(cursor)?)?.to_string() occurs several times—this also does an unnecessary allocation, you can replace it with String::from_utf8(read_variable(cursor)?)?

Open-ended question, what does serde think about publishing crates with serde- prefix? I get that they can't and haven't been able to stop it, but what's the best thing to do? Use that name or another?

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