Serde clone deserializer

Hi! Very newbee question!

Is there a way to clone the deserialize param to use it to check if it's already an ObjectId if this is not a string?

fn deserialize_objectid<'de, D>(
    deserializer: D,
) -> Result<ObjectId, D::Error>
        D: Deserializer<'de>,
    let s = String::deserialize(deserializer)?;
    ObjectId::with_string(&*s).map_err(|_| {
        serde::de::Error::invalid_type(serde::de::Unexpected::Str(&*s), &"Should be a valid ObjectId")

No. By design the Deserializer is consumed as part of the deserializing process.

If you just want to handle something that may be either a String or ObjectId, what about deserializing to a temporary enum?

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Thanks for your answer!

A tempory enum? Like:

enum ID {

And in the struct:

struct Foo {
  id: ID,

It's correct?

Does it work when you run it in your program?

You may also want to check out the examples and documentation on serde's website.