Serde and Serde_json

What's the difference between Serde and Serde_json, I am confused about this.

Serde is a generic library that acts as glue code between data structures and serialization formats. It doesn't know about any particular serialization format. In contrast, serde_json is the implementation of JSON as such a serde-compatible serialization format.

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the relation sounds like "slf4j" and "logback" in java, is it?
I also want to know that can I use serde_json without serde?

I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with the Java ecosystem. I did a quick google search, and the relation does sound similar, although there are important differences:

  • Serde is mainly a compile-time abstraction; serialization and deserialization functions are generic over the serializer/deseralizer type (ie., the data format).
  • Serde-compatible serialization formats are defined in terms of Serde's data structures and traits, so they can't be used without Serde.



Ok,I got it. Thanks fro your help.

You can think of it in terms of Jackson and jackson-dataformat-yaml. You can make your objects serializable with Jackson, and then output YAML with jackson-dataformat-yaml, similar to how serde allows you to serialize the same objects to different formats like JSON with serde_json or YAML with serde_yaml.

Of course, this comparison is somewhat complicated by the fact that Jackson includes JSON functionality built-in (no need for external packages), while in case of Serde, it is separate (in serde_json crate).

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The more fine-grained model is that serde proper provides four "public" traits:

  • De/Serialize for types that can be de/serialized.
  • De/Serializer for formats that can de/serialize.

It also provides implementations for De/Serialize for built-in types, and with the derive feature enabled, it also exports derive macros for De/Serialize, so you can easily implement them for your own types, including customization using #[serde] attributes. These are just a re-export from serde_derive.

Formats like JSON in serde_json implement one or both of De/Serializer, and provide the entry points, eg serde_json::from_str(). These internally mostly just create a De/Serializerand call de/serialize() with them.

The connection between the two is that essentially (details around self-describing formats handwaved away), the De/Serialize types call methods on the De/Serializer formats to describe what structure, type and value the type contains, using a common vocabulary defined by

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