Separating multiple nodes in files

I'm experimenting fragmenting an AST module into the file system so that I can categorize certain operations by specific directives and expressions.

This won't help in the context of Rust as this pattern works better in object-oriented languages with abstract instance methods.

However, once a node contains significant verification code and bytecode generation code, it is useful to move such code into a separate file.

I'm not an user of the Go to definition feature, but it could also help a bit instead of such splitting of a module into the file system. However, Go to definition may still leave some mixing of unrelated functionality with other nodes.

I am more specifically now initiating a compiler codebase, and I want the parser and the AST to be indivisible from the compilation unit and semantics.


I'm constantly experiencing slowdown in Visual Studio Code while saving files, making it a few times irresponsible, but still usable thankfully!

I don't remind if I was having a similiar issue when building as3_parser... In that crate I've used a single file for the AST module.

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