Send RustCamp CFP to Diversity Groups?

I have been wondering if it might be a good idea to send the RustCamp CFP out to external groups working on furthering diversity. Things like active outreach were discussed the last time diversity came up, and this (and future conference CFPs) seems like a good opportunity to do that.

Since the community subteam is still being formed, I thought it might be easiest to make a post here to possibly collect ideas.

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It's a very good idea!

Since the community subteam is still being formed,

Yes. We are currently putting the team together, but this is still work that needs to be done. I will be doing this kind of outreach very soon, and would love input as to which organizations we should reach out to. I know a few, but I'm sure that other people know more.

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Just curious, how does one sign up to attend, or is that not possible yet? Thanks.

For large organizations, it would be good to send to both the top level organization and regional groups near the conference:
Women Who Code and Women Who Code: San Francisco Network and
Write/Speak/Code and the Bay Area Write/Speak/Code Chapter


@ahmedcharles The rustcamp site has a sign up for e-mail notification when tickets go on sale.