Send file in chunks using tokio



I am trying to send a file over the network. In case the file is too big, I use a BufferedReader, turn it into bytes, and then use the itertools chunks method to read the file chunk by chunk.

I would like to write the file to a TcpStream using tokio. But I can’t exactly figure out how to do this. I normally would use the write_all method to write to a socket, but this consumes the writer. So if I understand correctly I need to somehow chain some futures so that each one passes the writer to the next one. But as I understand, because the type of the future contains all previous futures, the number of futures I create must be known at compile time.

I tried playing with streams, but then I don’t see how I can pass the writer to each future.


You can turn the file into a stream and turn the socket into a sink, then use forward() to send all the data:

use tokio::codec::{BytesCodec, Decoder};
use tokio::fs::File;
use tokio::net::TcpStream;
use tokio::prelude::*;

fn send_file(file: File, socket: TcpStream) -> impl Future<Item = (), Error = std::io::Error> {
        .map(|_| ())

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