Selling and domains

Serbian ccTLD .rs seems to be quite popular among Rust developers, so maybe someone here is interested in buying one of these 2 domains. I am Rust developer myself, but I have no idea how I could use them, no project ideas. There is maybe someone who may find some purpose.

I own since 1999 (originally it was, but it became after .yu domain was dropped) and since few years.

Please send offers by PM.

P.S. If there is some non-profitable organization who wants them, we can arrange some deal for free (0 payment).

People at Rust for Linux · GitHub could maybe use it.. :slight_smile:


Honestly, sounds like a good url for here! But probably better to be clear that it's "official".

Maybe some sort of fiver-type consultant/commission site?

I contacted one of the maintainers a month ago and he told me they don't need it at the moment but if there is a need, he will let me know.

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Well, I had that idea as well, but that would require lot of workforce and I am not able to do so alone.

Is it bad to give it to the foundation if they accept?

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