Seeking new maintainer for Syntex


Now that Serde’s code generation is stable and we no longer depend on Syntex, it no longer makes sense for our team to continue owning the Syntex stack.

If you are one of these fine folks or these or these, consider taking over ownership to ensure that your crate continues to work.

The Syntex release process is outlined in this document. The gist of it is that the compiler’s libsyntax uses unstable features so you are responsible for backporting new functionality to work on old compilers - traditionally the stable compiler plus another two versions back.

If you think you may be interested, please let us know in serde-rs/syntex#114. Thanks!

If nobody needs Syntex updates so much that they would be willing to run the stack, we will be abandoning Syntex and Aster and Quasi.


cc owners of <1 month old dependencies on syntex and aster and quasi:


As well as:

  • cargo-modules: @regexident
  • cargo-safety: @alexkehayias
  • easy-plugin: @KyleMayes
  • extprim_literals: @kennytm
  • gdax-client: @KenanSulayman
  • hypospray_extensions: @jonysy
  • mockers_codegen: @kriomant
  • pnet_macros: @mrmonday @faern


binders and cheddar uses syntex, but there’s not much happening there, currently…


I know bindgen uses these crates a lot. It would be difficult to switch dependencies.